1. What the Hell is a Pudgy Gazelle?
And what does it have to do with money? Good question. In the book The Total Money Makeover, Dave Ramsey refers to gazelles running for their lives from the prowling cheetah. Get it? The cheetah is debt. The gazelle is you. And if you want to get out of debt you have to RUN like a crazed gazelle....they call it "Gazelle Intense".

But, you know that pudgy gazelle...the one that's a bit sluggish and slow? The one that may get picked off by the hungry cheetah every once and while?

I related to that poor dude a bit more. 

2. What Makes You Qualified to Write a Blog About Money?
I defer to The Wedding Singer: No, sir, I have no experience but I'm a big fan of money.
In reality, I'm not a financial planner (or panther). I am certainly no money expert. But I do know how to pay off debt. I know this because I've DONE it before...in spades. And if our story can help other people rid their world of the debt cheetah (or just maybe make them feel better about themselves), well then I will blog. Because that's a good thing :) 

3. Are There Affiliate Links or Ads on this Page?
Affiliate links will be part of some of the posts. If I reference a product, book, or service that I use and recommend, I will link to it. You are under no obligation to purchase anything ever...ever...ever. In fact, if you're in debt you shouldn't be buying anything anyway! HOWEVER, on rare occasions I may link something to my Amazon account, it all goes to supporting the blog, and I'll always give you a heads up that it's there.