We Bought a Mattress in a Box

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My mom has this thing with mattresses. She may not admit it, but she's really concerned about the comfort, stability, and thickness of all mattresses.

So, I'm pretty sure she was one of the naysayers when we revealed that our new mattress for our master bedroom was coming in a box. From the internet. 

About three months ago, the husband and I started researching our mattress options. Our current mattress was an old-school pillow top from Basset that had been with us since our first house in Milwaukee. Well loved and comfy but a Queen, which gave us a minimum amount of stretching out room. 

Add a bed-hog dog and, well, we decided to opt for a King this go-around.

HOWEVER, being the frugalista that I am, I was not about to spring for some $2000 fancy-schmancy body-hugging future mattress. I had grown up on rummage-sale mattress finds, for real. I am no mattress snob.

My husband wanted us to research the memory-foam internet options. We looked into Purple Mattress, Tuft and Needle, and finally decided on Bear after watching a glowing review on YouTube of its comfort and support.



1. We Spent $880.00 After a Sale Discount
We found this to be a mid-range price for memory-foam or gel-foam "mattresses in a box". We didn't want to go SUPER cheap (Ok. My HUSBAND didn't want to go super cheap. I'd sleep on cardboard and cotton balls if it meant I could save money). 

2. It Came in an Easy to Store, Move, and Open Box
No lugging some huge mattress up the stairs and busting our brand-new sconces along the way. This came in a box about the size of a mini-fridge


3. Looks Are Deceiving
When you open the box the mattress is rolled up like a blue burrito. I'm thinking "There is no way in hell THAT becomes a comfy memory-foam King mattress"


4. It's the Bed Equivalent of Poppin' Fresh Crescent Rolls
You cut the wrapping and POP....out it comes. It spreads out and puffs up and there's your mattress. Directions say it takes 24 hours to completely "puff", but you can sleep on it right away.


5. It's As Comfy as Advertised
I gotta give it to the husband on this one, it IS comfortable. And the movement transfer is almost nil....which will be MORE than welcomed. 


VERDICT: Everyone gets a 100 night sleep trial, so there really is no risk if you end up hating it (except the whole "I have to squeeze this thing back into a box" risk, maybe?). So far, so good. I would recommend the Bear "Mattress in a Box" if you are looking for a more frugal alternative to your average memory foam mattress option. 

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