I'm Kinda Diggin' on Digit Right Now

I first heard about Digit, the saving app/website, when a friend of mine in the photo industry posted about her success with it last year. 

Basically, what Digit does is it takes stock of your spending habits and it deducts "non-noticeable" amounts of money from your account and puts it into a "Rainy Day Fund". It also monitors your account and lets you know if it's dipping below a certain point, etc. 

Being that I'm a bit odd, I do this obsessively anyway, but it's kind of nice to get a little text every morning or so that says "Hey....you still have money". 

What I really love about Digit is it is EASY to forget about it....and then remember, log in, and see that you suddenly have a chunk of cash set aside. It's a sinking fund that someone else does for you, which takes a little bit off of my heaping full plate. Yes please. 

I officially started saving at the end of April, just about 2 weeks ago, and I've already saved over $130.00 that I honestly didn't even notice was gone from the account. I KNEW it was gone because we zero-base budget, but the amounts were pretty small and they add up quickly. We did something very similar through Disney when we were saving for our trip. It took out a set amount every week and just set it aside. Super easy way to save. 

Other features include being able to pause saving at any time, setting account minimums where the Digit app will not save for you if your account dips below a certain amount, and, as mentioned before, account monitoring. 

I've only been using it for a few weeks, like I said, but so far so good. I plan on putting the money towards a date night with the husband, something with the kids, or maybe some new camera gear that is DESPERATELY needed. 

If you want to sign up for Digit too, it's super easy. Plus, as an added perk for yours truly, I get referral bonuses.....you know, which are always nice. 

Follow the link and try it out. If the idea of some app dipping into your bank account wigs you out, you can always cancel. But, like I said, so far so good! 

Sign up here: https://digit.co/r/ZJ18ATJB-z?wn