Updates Like I Should Do More Often ~ Personal Finance Blogger

I know, I know...when I first kicked off this blog I was pretty good at updating things. Telling about how we saved, spent, and simplified. 

I want to get back to that. As motivation not only for readers but for myself. Seeing data in black and white just HELPS. 

So, here's where we are! 

So far in 2018 we have paid off $3339.00. 
Since 2012, when we started the process of getting serious about eliminating debt and working off all cash, we have paid off $67,801.41. 

The #1 reason we have paid off that amount: THE ZERO BASED BUDGET. No doubt. Without a written budget, it never would have happened. 

We started this journey 6 years ago with $124,364.63 in debt. The largest part of that being my student loans, unfortunately. I say unfortunately because my regrets are few, but I kind of regret that 10 years of college (I was a slow learner, apparently). I don't use the degree and the area of study I went into proved to be pretty useless. It'll be the last debt we complete and I cannot TELL you how happy I'm going to be when that sucker is GONE. Out of my life forever and ever. 


In every life, decisions must be made. We made the decision to move out of our house before we were debt free. We made the decision to build a house instead of buying used and have been cash flowing the needs for the house as we go. Building a house can be ridiculously expensive if you don't keep everything in check. This means making your "wants" few and filling in the needs frugally. 

I plan on doing a whole run down of building on a budget once the house is done. 

This blog was started with the intention of it being REAL. Realistic goal setting, realistic budgeting, and me being completely real about difficulties in decision making, financial implications of decisions made, and frugal living. 

I promise that in addition to some articles I have planned in the coming months to update you guys with REAL numbers. It's what I like to read and see, so hopefully other folks do as well! 

I'm also planning some freebies and some regular mailing-list fun stuff so make sure you sign up for Pudgy Mail! 

Spring is right around the corner, so that means spring cleaning and spring ORGANIZING! Almost as fun as New Years! I promise!