Something Shiny This Way Comes ~ Personal Finance Blog

I'm kinda on a rant roll today (see my photo blog.....yeah, I'm looking at YOU, Nikon). So, be forewarned.

But, can we talk a bit about people losing their collective minds over shiny shit? I mean this as a general "shiny" in, anything new....anything fancy....anything BETTER THAN BEFORE...OMG...HAVE TO HAVE IT....BTW, it comes in rose gold or glitter or whatever....shiny.

The iPhone X was unveiled the other day. $1000 (Originally I heard it was $1200. $1000 isn't much better, really). The iPhone 8 was unveiled too. For the bargain price of $700. 

So what makes these doo-dad's worth so much? 

People will tell you all of the helpful and "can't live without them" features they hold, but let's all be honest. Most of us already HAVE phones that do what we need them to do. They get us to places with GPS....they let us check email and deposit checks and...sometimes....on rare occasions...we can even CALL people on them. If we are, you know, mentally deranged or something.

But, our phones are OLLLLLDDD.
They don't have an OLED screen for poppin' colors, man! 
They have home buttons. Apple said I don't need one of those anymore!
My old phone can't animate poop.

I need to animate poop, people. 

And $1000 will get me there.

Let's all have a collective come to Jesus moment, shall we?  WE WANT IT BECAUSE IT'S SHINY.
It's new. It's cool. It'll make us cool to carry it around. Apple plays to our most basic instincts. Fish are attracted to shiny stuff....which is how they very often get eaten (this was all totally explained in Moana, dontcha know). Human beings are not much smarter than schools of fish. Just look how we line up for the latest shiny item. 

Apple. Marketing geniuses, man. 

Here's the thing. Financial freedom or even financial fitness cannot be had if we continue to be attracted to shiny items. It doesn't matter WHAT the item is. Marketing makes us believe that we HAVE to have them, but we have to be honest with ourselves when considering every purchase. Yes, EVERY purchase. 

Is it a need or want? If it's a want, WHY do you want it? Do you think this one item is going to make you happy? If you think one shiny item can make you've got a whole lotta soul searching to do in the area of contentment, babe. 

This is not to say that wants can never be obtained....but if we keep filtering our hard earned money towards a mountain of "wants"....what we need, that being a strong investment in our future financial health, tends to be a bit thinned. You need a retirement. EVERYONE does. You need to create a financial legacy for your children. 

They're not gonna want your old ass iPhone X, mom and dad. Trust me. 

We WANTED a home in the the quiet. With 4 bedrooms and a wrap around porch.
I think we were able to get this going because we've learned to change our mode of thinking with regards to STUFF. 

Learning to change our frame of mind with regards to shiny, new items that cross our path has helped us save THOUSANDS. Literally thousands. Husband will probably tell you I've taken my frugality a bit to extremes sometimes....but I can tell you straight up that I am CONTENT with what I have. I don't really own anything that I don't use, need, love, or want to save for my kids. When new stuff comes along, it is rarely a blip on my radar. I've trained myself to move along. It took a long time, but I've gotten to the point where I NEED very little beyond what I already have and WANT even less. 

It probably helps that I don't need to animate poop. Nor do I want to. 

But hey, if I ever feel the NEED to....I know where to look.