Yes, We Are Still Debt Slaying ~ Personal Finance Blog

I know, I know. It's been all "moving" and "new house" and no "here's what we've paid off" as of late.

Yes, we are STILL actively paying off debt even while building our new house and saving to cash flow as much as we can.

Since January 2017 we have paid off $8954.00, which is NOT a number I'm terribly happy with, in all honesty, because we could be doing more. However, we've cash flowed everything for the house thus far (including $1000 to have plans drawn up by our shifty 1st builders that never went anywhere). We are cash flowing a family vacation this winter and have spent Year #2 completely credit card free, which means we are still on course. 

I was able to sit and make our our "New House" family budget and we will be able to up our intensity almost immediately after move-in, which is great. 

But, we are still on board with the "plan". Our goals for the new house include a lot more frugality and a lot more minimalism in our lifestyle. I almost cannot wait to begin!