PG With the Bad Hair (Confessions of a Stylist Ghoster) ~ Personal Finance Blog

  I am NOT a "hair" person. But, full disclosure: I USED to be a bit of a hair person. Not in the sense that I knew what the hell I was doing, oh no. Not at all. I NEVER knew how to craftily wield a straightener and once I burnt off a big ole chunk of hair because, I dunno, I started to think of a story idea or something mid-styling. But, in the sense that I had no problem plunking down the dough for a stylist. 

  Back in my freewheelin' pre-kiddo days (read: when I spent money like an idiot), I would get my hair done on-the-regular. At the fancy kind of salon that will massage your hands with lotion made from rare crushed opals or something as you get an amazing shampoo by a stylist with angel fingers. I'd leave the salon each time feeling like a gazillion bucks with my shiny, perfect locks.

 And then I'd shower and it would all go away and my hair would look normal again. 

 But, by God....for a moment, I was a queen. 

 Seee.....good hair. For a second. 

Seee.....good hair. For a second. 

Problem is, that was all to the tune of about $200 when it was all said and done and that is all kinds of ridiculous, given my complete disinterest in continuing maintenance and upkeep of such a "do" at home.

 So, once the kids started to appear and I started to grow less concerned with fancy hair-do's, I started jumping around. I went to whatever stylist I could find that didn't terrify me with prices. Often, I would just stop going after awhile and leave my hair to the forces of nature, ghosting each stylist with nary a phone call or a "goodbye" letter.

  So let me say it now, sorry former stylists. It's not you. It's totally me. I decided to go all nature-girl as of late and not do a damn thing to my hair. 

 I haven't had a trim since January (when I used a gift certificate....thanks Mom)....and I haven't had it dyed in.....oh God, no idea. It still looks relatively okay to me, so I haven't even given it much thought. 
 Potential savings: Hundreds. I don't buy fancy hair creams or sprays. I don't go overboard on expensive shampoos. I do buy quite a few black hairbands but I keep losing them. 

 Now, with regards to the kiddos, I've discovered that trims at Cost Cutters are probably sufficient until they need that "one good haircut" before school starts. Cost Cutters is, like I said, sufficient enough but damn if they don't do a choppy job. 

 Those hairstylists at the fancy places are probably WELL WORTH what you pay them, folks, believe me. I am well aware my hair looks like shit 99% of the time. 

 I tried cutting Betty's hair once.
 I probably won't try that again.

Haircare is kind of where I've decided to just much as I possibly can. But I am, by no means, under the impression that I can "do just as good of a job". Good god no. But, the question is, where do my priorities lie?

 I've decided I can be a happy camper in a new home with jacked up hair. The trade-off? Worth it. :)