The World Turned Upside Down ~ Personal Finance Website

What do you do when you want to build a house, but you're frugal, and a saver, and a budgeter and want to stay that way?

You turn everything upside down, stick your belongings in storage, and bunk with your inlaws during the duration of the build.

At least that's what we are doing. 

And it's been....a trip, that's for sure. Three kids + husband + me in a roughly 600 sq foot space for 5-6 months? No comforts of home with us, really....everything is stored away. The kids are nuts sometimes. Bridget is learning to walk and into everything. Their TV is weird to me and privacy is kind of a foreign thought at this point. 

But, by my estimation we should be able to sock away about $20,000 by summer's end and hopefully get everything well organized and squared away by the time we are given the keys to the Little House in the Woods (as I've taken to calling it).

I consider this our sacrifice to win right now, because if we were spending the equivalent of a mortgage payment on a rental over the summer, our plan would not work out so well.

We are carefully budgeting every aspect of the build and cutting out anything that isn't necessary on the new house (fireplace? Nope. Master Bath tub? Unnecessary)

Can you build a new house on a budget? YUP....and we are well on our way!