Clearing Space ~ Personal Finance Blog

So, we are moving. 


Finally! I feel like we've been planning this out FOR-EV-ER. 

So, right now we are buried in the vast muck of de-cluttering and staging our home for sale. Our house is about 2400 sq. feet, if you include the basement. I feel like we are not pack rats by any means, but it is AMAZING what you are willing to throw away, give away, or sell when your mind is on a goal.

Today alone I took 2 packed Ford Flex car-loads to Goodwill (Seriously, if anyone ever buys any of my children a stuffed animal again, I will shiv them). I sold a desk, a clock, a tent, a chair, and some photography equipment. I threw away a TON of worthless crap, papers....just garbage.

It's coming along. 

I am fast realizing that happiness and a clear mind can definitely be buried under years of STUFF. Stuff we never needed.

We had to go to Menards today (Menards is like Home Depot for Wisconsinites)....and pick up a few items to fix up some house stuff: caulk, some mulch, a new toilet seat. We budgeted everything out and came $200 under budget (WOOT!). 

Driving home my husband said "You know, it's so WEIRD spending money now. I look around at everyone at the store....and I think, everyone is just buying STUFF. Stuff they probably don't need."

Even us. Except for the toilet seat. TOTALLY needed that. 

We've run into the issue of being acutely aware of everything we buy and if it brings us happiness, if it's actually needed, and if it's a good use of our money. Not sure if it's an "issue" (except when we stand frozen in a store terrified to buy ANYTHING.....which happens). 

But it's there. We've eeked our way into an unintentional minimalism of the point where some people (*cough* motherinlaw *cough*...I say that with love!) are afraid we may be getting rid of TOO MUCH....and what are we going to, you know, sit on....or read....or decorate our new walls with? 

Never's all intentional. Intentional living...intentional de-cluttering...and moving. Intentionally.