Catching Things Up: 2016 ~ Personal Finance Blog

So, after a hiatus much longer than it should have been from full blogging (though hopefully you've been continuing to follow our journey on Facebook)....I'm back, folks! 

For better or worse! :) 

2016 is over and I'm happy to report that we ended the year on a strong note with regards to our debt-payoff plan and personal finance in general. 

Here's a quick run down of how the year went for us! 

TOTAL DEBT PAID OFF in 2016$30,189.45  

TOTAL DEBTS PAID OFF COMPLETELY IN FULL: 2 (1 Consolidation Loan and 1 Credit Card)

- Deck Repair ($1000) 
- Christmas
- Maternity Leave
- All business expenses ($18,000 +) 

We also began a sinking fund for a trip for next year (shhhh, it's a secret!


- Budget Meetings: While I continued to do our zero based budget all year, we didn't always sit down for our joint budget meetings like we should have. Things got way busy with weddings and babies and kids and stuff and excuses, excuses. We NEED to continue to make an effort to do this in 2017, because we always kill it big time when we work together on the goal.

- Cash Cash Cash: We cash-flowed everything this year (we didn't use credit at all this year, which I am VERY proud of. Our credit cards are cut up, gone, kaput....never to return!) 

However, there were many weeks where I was lazy and didn't get our physical cash out of the bank to fill our envelopes....which meant we used our debit cards....which meant our budget got wonky. 

- Restaurants: We ate out at restaurants FAR too much in 2016. I was all over the state for work so it was just easy to pop into Panda Express (if I could find one.....which is always a weakness is Orange Chicken, for sure). 

Having a new baby, the husband and I jumped at ANY chance we got to get the heck outta the house for a moment and enjoy a meal in silence. 

- Christmas: Even though it was entirely cash flowed and saved for, I went over budget. I think the problem is we don't really buy much of anything for our kids in terms of clothes and toys throughout the Christmas comes and we go nuts. Kind of like fasting for a long time and then being set in front of a beautiful buffet. 

SELF CONTROL, PUDGY's.....seriously. 

HOWEVER, all in all I am really proud of our progress this year. I think being aware of documenting our journey online has seriously helped, which is why I'm going to dedicate myself to blogging all year instead of abandoning the blog during wedding season. No excuses! Get up and do it! 

I'm planning a blog for tonight or tomorrow about the TOP 10 THINGS YOU DON'T NEED TO stay tuned! 

Thanks for following along this year and I'm hoping to be a source of motivation for folks in 2017!