Having a Baby in the Baby Steps

So, we are now a family of 5. Crazy! New nugget Bridget Frances was born April 26 at 10:01 AM. 

Everything was fine with the birth itself, but afterwards I developed postpartum preeclampsia, which I had experienced with my 2nd daughter so I knew what signs to look for and what to expect...somewhat. 

What I DIDN'T expect was my current OB handling the issue in a completely different way than my old OB. When I had my middle daughter, I was put on bed rest for three weeks following her birth. I wasn't given any medication to control my blood pressure....I was just told not to move out of bed, not to watch TV, not to use the internet....it was awful. Here I had a newborn and I couldn't even be around her in fear of my blood pressure spiking.  It took nearly a month for everything to regulate on its own.

So, this time around I wasn't wanting to experience the same bed rest predicament. Thankfully, my doctor was on it. I was readmitted into the hospital for a magnesium drip and after 2 days I was sent home with a prescription for Labetalol and hopes that my blood pressure would continue to fall. 

But it didn't. 

So, another doctor visit....and a new prescription...things seem to be working themselves out. 

So, what does this all have to do with personal finance?

The Dave plan advocates having a "Storm Cloud" fund for things like pregnancy. We socked away enough to keep me out of work for a month. This was no small feat, given that I'm self-employed and I rely on consistent marketing efforts to book new clients. 

What the Storm Cloud mode does is makes sure that if anything goes awry with the pregnancy or birth, you don't necessarily have to worry about money as you deal with the upheaval of new baby or possible complications. 

Thankfully we are supremely fortunate to have incredible health insurance (thank you hubby's state job).....so the consistent in and out of the hospital will be covered, mostly. But, as I heal, I don't have to worry about working, which is a blessing the Storm Cloud fund has bestowed. 

Babies are expensive, but I strongly believe if you "wait until you can afford them", it won't happen. But, that doesn't mean you can't spend your 9 months of pregnancy financially preparing for their arrival...and anything that may happen that is unexpected. 

I'll be returning to work next week, but I'm happy to have been able to spend the last few weeks healing and soaking in our new life as parents of three.