Adventures in Frugality (May) ~ How We Won/How We Lost With Money This Month

Ok. So, know how I said May was gonna be our month to get back on track with the debt snowball, to start to kill it again, all that jazz?

Yeah, well...don't count your chickens, right?

I had the baby (and she's oh so cute) and stuck to my plan to take 3 weeks of maternity leave before jumping back into taking photography clients again. 

However, what I didn't plan on was additional hospital time because of post-partum preeclampsia. Yeah. 

All I have to say is thank the Good Lord for health insurance because what it cost to have Bridget, then get sick after having Bridget, well...let's just say we'd be well on our way to debt payoff if someone just handed that amount to us in cash. It's ridiculous. 

So, we didn't do ALL that well with regards to debt payoff this month. We are down....not out. 


There's always a silver lining, right?

So, this was not a very well planned household repair need, but once my husband's foot went THROUGH the rotten wood of the deck we realized what a hazard the 3 tier deck on the back of our house was and decided to get someone in to fix it. Was this an emergency? Nope. So, we cash flowed it. The fact that tight budgeting ALLOWED us to cash flow the stupid deck that I hate spending money on? A win that I will accept begrudgingly. 


So, we had pitched most of our baby stuff pre-pregnancy with Bridget. Because we are dumb and isn't that how it works? You get rid of all the baby stuff and then get pregnant? 

Thankfully, we have awesome friends. Bridget is shackin' up in our friends' kids' old crib, wearing used clothing, and we got a ton of baby stuff from my friend who had her kid a year ago. Bridget doesn't seem to mind the boy hand-me-downs. 

Baby stuff is super pricey and really, you don't NEED most of it. I mean, seriously? Wipe warmers? Dumbest invention ever. 

My one issue is that previously mentioned hand-me-down crib is set up in our bedroom. We have three bedrooms and have yet to get bunk beds for the older things are a bit cramped. 


Ok, we had really nothing to do with this one, but it's a win. Molly ends her school year this week. That means no more private school tuition. $180 a month savings. WOOT! 

End of the school year ALSO means I get a three month reprieve from shelling out for more glue sticks, field trips, special event t-shirts, so many pizza days I should buy stock in Pizza Hut, clothing that fits the dress code, and packed lunches they never eat. 

Can you tell I'm a burnt out elementary school mama....because yeah. I am. 


I never considered freelance blogging before. It always had this air of scamminess about it. Like, really? You'll pay me to write stuff? Seriously?
But I tried it out and lo and behold I made $100. Not exactly Pulitzer Prize level cash flow there, I know, but I blog constantly.....why not get paid for it. 

So, I sat down and came up with about 100 or so blog post ideas that I can submit to various places that accept freelance submissions. Figure if I can get at least a few of them published it'll be nice for cash flow towards the snowball. 



I try not to TOUCH our $1000 baby emergency fund. Ever. Because who has that many "emergencies", really?

Until our dog decided to up and have a seizure the night we brought Bridget home. Seriously, we CANNOT bring a baby home without some sort of drama. With Betty it was the day I found out my Grandmother had cancer. With Molly I was so sick with preeclampsia I couldn't enjoy any of it. Now, seizure having dog.

I rushed Mickey (that's the dog) to the emergency vet....and $500 later we were told he was a bit dehydrated but that's it. No reason for the sudden seizure...and he hasn't had one since.

So yeah....goodbye 1/2 of our baby emergency fund.

It's refunded as of yesterday, but that sucked. 


We made absolutely NO progress on the debt snowball this month, which bites. We had to pay deck-dude $1000 upfront to start on the deck demo and that was about the end of it for "free flowin' cash".....Stupid danger-to-others deck. 

So, May was kind of a wash....which stinks. I feel like with every passing month that we don't put loads toward the snowball we are wasting time where we could be living our best, debt-free life. I know it'll come...that it's a marathon, not a sprint....but dang if I'm not impatient to make some big strides. 

June I have plans, mostly to finish paying off Deck Dude and get that in my rearview mirror. I'm having a joint rummage sale with a friend to clear out some clutter and generate some extra cash. But big-time snowball work won't be able to happen until probably July....where we'll have to really make up some lost ground. 

How are all of your debt-payoff goals doing? I want to hear from you! There's power in community! 

MAY 2016

TOTAL DEBT PAID: $1389.99  (sad trombone)......