Adventures in Frugality (April) ~ How We Won/How We Didn't

STILL a family of weird this will be the last month budgeting under that guideline. 

How We Won in April

- Paid off DEBT #1 in full: A Consolidation Loan so old that I was thinking it probably should have been granted it's own 529 fund with the rest of my kids....or at least its own bedroom here at Casa Reseburg. 

It felt REALLY good to kill that first debt....and now we are on to the next on the snowball. Momentum! 

- I did NOT lose my mind and plunk down $500+ to meet David Tennant. I should be totally commended for this. It was not easy. : )  Delayed gratification and all that.

- Landed my first article that someone is willing to pay me for. It's the very first time I've ever tried to "write for compensation" and it paid off.....literally. The article will be published on May 6th. I don't know whether to be excited or sick with fear.

- Instead of buying ANY new maternity clothes to get me through April, I made due with the...oh...10 pieces or so I have left that actually fit. Probably a good thing I work from home and that yoga pants are so stretchy. But, I have a REALLY hard time spending money on clothes, especially if I know I can only wear them for a limited amount of time. 

- Hit up the store Once Upon a Child to do all of my necessary baby clothes shopping. It's a 2nd hand store but I found once I got there that their prices have kind of risen significantly since I used to shop there when Betty was a baby. Kind of disappointing. If I'm buying used I want it to be at a significant enough savings over new.

I budgeted $250 for the trip and came in at $119. WIN WIN! Baby is outfitted for the next 6 months and at a bargain basement price. 

Where We Could Have Improved.....

- While we have a sinking fund and "storm cloud" fund for April, knowing I wasn't working, we still ventured "off budget" for a few items: namely a battery for our mower, a few wayward food trips to the grocery store (the baby wanted shoestring potato chips. It wasn't all my fault). We were not "gazelle intense" this month....even though we PLANNED not to be so...but it still bugged me.

- Side-Adventures in Self-Employment:   I've been self employed in the wedding industry for 8 years....and every month is a hustle. A hustle to book work, to maintain client contacts, to sell, to bring in income. I'd like to say it's always easy but that would be a big fat lie. Some months are crickets and its TOUGH. You have to keep creating new revenue streams, new client connections and marketing avenues.  So, because I was pretty baby-focused this took some major time/effort/energy away from all that. Plus, because I focused a LOT on a full-time job I had decided to try out this past year I lost some major marketing momentum. 

May it'll be gangbusters. I'm holding myself to it. 


Total Debt Paid Off:  $2403.00