Adventures in Frugality (March) ~ How We Won/How We Didn't

March is nearly over and I can't believe in a little over a month...if not sooner...we will be adding another kid to the pile. : ) 

So here's how we WON with money in March.....

- We are in what's called "Storm Cloud Mode" right now, where we push pause on debt repayment to sock away cash for the impending baby. Because I'm self-employed this is very important because when I go on maternity leave that means absolutely no income.

So, we did REALLY good socking away our Storm Cloud Fund and it's fully funded through April. Leaves us with a lot of peace of mind and I can take it easy and just anticipate baby.

- Came in about $5 under budget on Easter Baskets. Shopped sales and didn't go hog-wild. 

- Needed to send out mailers for Senior Portraits this month. Got an EXCELLENT price on hundreds of postcards through Knowing what I know about what other printing companies charge for their business items, the $55 I paid was a huge savings! 

- Bought 2 dresses for the girls for Easter and Newborn Pics with the new baby. The next day they dropped in price, but caught it and I got the difference back  : )

Where We Could Have Improved......

- We broke down and had pizza, Culvers, and Dairy Queen all in one month. Yes, we paid cash and took it out of the food or fun budget, so I guess it's okay. It was budgeted for, but I still get a twinge of guilt everytime we spend $25 on pizza, knowing how many groceries that could buy. 

It's a side-effect of being a budgeter : ) GUILT. 

- This isn't necessarily MY need to improve....unless it means I need to learn to read.

HVAC went out at my studio. Got the landlord to fix it. Landlord bills me. Now, um....sorry dude but the HVAC busted, not sure how that's supposed to be MY bill. I pulled my lease and in there it basically says minor fixes are my responsibility, major are his. No dollar amount attached to this. I ask LL (Landlord) to define a "major fix" and he says "Over $300"

Bill was $298.

Touche, LL. Touche.

Next studio (coming up this summer) we make sure we have a good lease. 


This month, because of Storm Cloud Mode, we only paid off $1709.62

Next month, after baby comes, we'll be able to make a bigger dent.